AWS Shared Responsibility model explains how security is distributed between the customer and AWS

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In this article, I am going to explain the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and talk about the practices that involve around this. In today’s competitive world, cloud computing is one the most desired technologies that more and more companies are focused towards. While some companies are lifting and shifting their existing infrastructure to the cloud, some has already been in the process of using the AWS services on a full fledged basis. Being on cloud seems intimidating, however, we need to take special care about security and compliance for the data that resides on the cloud. …

Learn how to monitor CloudWatch Metrics for AWS Lambda Functions

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In this article, I am going to discuss about AWS Lambda execution and monitoring using the CloudWatch metrics. AWS Lambda lets you run your applications on the cloud without having to provision any servers. All you need to do is write your code using your preferred programming language and deploy your code to AWS Lambda. You can then directly run your programs using the resources provided by AWS. At the time of writing this article, AWS Lambda supports programs written in Java, NodeJS, C#, PowerShell, Python, Ruby and Go.

Why should you monitor Lambda Functions

I think this is a good point to start. It might…

Learn how to publish your own python packages

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In this article, let us understand how to develop a python package and then publish it to PyPi for distribution. This is a technical article with some advanced concepts but I will take some time to introduce each of the concepts in detail and provide a walkthrough performing all the steps as we proceed. It is very often for programmers in python to use various packages like Pandas, NumPy, etc. within your python application to make it more robust and leverage the rich functionalities of the SDKs. …

A spatial data analysis using QGIS

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Mumbai is one of the most populous metropolitan city in India with an ever-increasing population of over 20M. It is also considered as the economic capital of India due to the presence of a large number of industries and organization head quarters within the city. As a result, people from all over the country move to Mumbai with various prospects of studies and jobs and that makes the real estate sector boom with sky rocketing prices of apartments to rent or lease.

In this project, we will try to analyze the apartments in Mumbai for rent or sale in 2020…

Understand how to use the AWS SAM CLI to debug lambda functions locally

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In this article, we will learn the concept of the AWS SAM CLI. SAM, abbreviated for Serverless Application Model is a framework provided by Amazon Web Services, which can be leveraged to build applications on the local machine and deploy those to the AWS Lambdas directly.

Initial Background

Previously, before the introduction of the AWS SAM CLI, developers used to write, test, and deploy codes directly on the AWS Lambda using the online editor. This was done by using the AWS Management Console to create a Lambda Function. …

Understand how to apply conditional formatting in Power BI visuals

In this article, I’m going to explain what conditional formatting in Power BI is. Conditional formatting, as the name suggests, is a way of visualizing data that applies special format rules based on some pre-defined conditions on the values of a selected metric. It is mostly used when the data is presented in a tabular format; however, it can also be used in any charts such as bar charts, line charts, etc.

What is conditional formatting in Power BI?

When there is a lot of data expressed in tabular format, it becomes difficult to understand which of the values are higher or lower at first glance. …

Learn how to sort month fields in chronological order within Power BI

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In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how to sort months chronologically in Power BI. Visualizing sales data in a time period is one of the most influential ways of reporting. Often, at times it is essential that you design charts that show the trend or growth of a metric over time. The time period can be anything for example days, weeks, months, or years. It basically gives you the idea of how the metric has increased or decreased over the specific period.

In Power BI, you can also visualize your metrics by a specific selected period. This is usually…

Overview of ETL Architecture

In a data warehouse, one of the main parts of the entire system is the ETL process. ETL is the system that reads data from the source system, transforms the data according to the business logic, and finally loads it into the warehouse. While fetching data from the sources can seem to be an easy task, it isn’t always the case. Some systems are made up of various data sources, which make the overall ETL architecture quite complex to be implemented and maintained.


One of the main challenges that I often face while working as a BI Engineer is how…

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